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THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️ It’s been a wild month or so around here. We’ve all felt a range of emotions, and have been faced with some of the hardest decisions ever since opening RAR. It has put things into perspective, and made us extremely thankful for our health and what all we have. In looking for ways to help out, our house artist and lifer BJ came up with the idea of doing a fundraiser with stickers. We’ve been delivering tons of food to the local hospital, and have a lot of first responders as customers (thank y’all). To help make their lives easier, and hopefully provide a little stress relief to the doctors, nurses, technicians, and hospital staff fighting this thing on a daily basis, we want to give back. Our longtime partners and vinyl magicians @midshoregraphicsllc came through and donated their time and materials creating these awesome OOO thank you stickers. RAR is going to match your $5, and create an in-house fund that our customers in the medical field can use towards food/beverage. It’s not a lot, but even a little helps out these days. We thought about donating proceeds to charities, or local hospitals, but we wanted a way to thank everyone and not just one particular organization. Thank you for taking the time to read our rambling message, and considering the cause. Cheers to y’all 🍻

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